How to post a new ad It takes about 5 seconds

How to post a new ad!

Just click [Post An Ad] anywhere on the website and follow the instructions.

Do I need to fill in a long registration form to place an ad!

NO! It takes about 5 seconds to create a login. Just fill in you desired username, e-mail and desired password and you can immediately start with your first ad. You will receive an e-mail directly with your account credentials and you can login to our website any time to edit your ads.

How long is my ad displayed?

Ads are displayed for 100 days.  After 100 days your ad is automatically deactivated. You will need to place your ad again or send us a notification to reactive you’re old ad.

What must I do when I sell my car or parts!

You can  either mark you’re car sold or delete it.

How do I pay!

If the category you have selected is a chargeable one a payment button will appear when you submit your form. Payment is done through a secure connection provided by our partner Sisow.

Can I “bump my ad” when it drops on the list.!

Ads are ordered by submitted date. The older you ad gets, the lower in the listing it appears. Its always possible to bump your ad to the first position. In you dashboard you will see a green upwards pointing arrow and the text Bump your Ad.  Click on this and you will be prompted to pay Pack-1 Bumps 1 / € Pack-2 Bumps 5 / € Pack-3 Bumps 10 / € to get your car on top of the list again. Because it was proven to be necessary: attempts to avoid payment by replacing entire ads will lead to removal of all adds you submitted without refund of payed fees.

How to redeem your coupon!

check before the coupon expiration date, and simply enter your coupon code at the check-out.

Lost your Password and/or Username!

When you log in, your must submit your USERNAME and PASSWORD. If you have lost your password or username, you can click on the following link or paste it in your browser:

Lostpassword click

You will see the screen below.

  1. Submit the E-mailaddress you used to sign up with RallySale or if you still know your username, use that,  and press reset password.
  2. Check your mailbox. You will receive an email witch instructions to reset your password (NOTE: also check your SPAM folders).
  3. Follow the instructions and you are good to go!

How do I manage my ad(s)!

You need your email adres and the password you received  Login in the right upper corner. After you login you will see Dashboard appear in the right upper corner and a welcome on the right side. Click your dashboard to acces your account and manage your ads.

Need more help!

When you can’t remember which mail address you used when you signed up or placed an ad in the previous version of the website, contact us on info(@)

Contact with sellers / buyers.!

Buyers can contact Sellers via the contact form on the ads. only acts as facilitator for buyers and sellers.  We do not monitor you’re conversation or transactions with sellers / buyers.